Rhinoplasty is more or less stressful. It is natural that most applicants for nose surgery have concerns when choosing a doctor, and the time to answer some of these concerns is the initial consultation session

Chronic sinusitis

Sinusitis is a disease in which the mucus covering the inner surface of the sinuses and nose becomes inflamed. The sinuses are hollow cavities in the facial bones that enter the nose through holes

Olfactory disorders

Diagnosis of olfactory disorders is usually based on the patient’s statement, however, many patients are not aware of their olfactory disorders. Nasal endoscopy or CT scan or MRI may be used for diagnosis

Hesam Jahandideh M.D.

Otolaryngologist-H&N Surgeon
Associate Professor of Otolaryngology

Realistic Expectations

“all that she wants!”

Being realistic is the most important point when you decide to perform rhinoplasty. The final result depends on your surgeon’s skill as well as your skin, cartilage and bone quality. So we can not change your inherent specifications  in some aspects.

Operation Process

At first you should contact our international patients coordinator Mr. Milad by his whatsapp number (simply you can click on whatsapp icon in this page)