different nose types

🔹Meaty nose (Fleshy nose)
More than 24% of the noses are classified in the meaty nose (fat nose) or fleshy nose model group. This type of nose has a prominent and protruding appearance. Typically, meaty noses are large and broad.

🔹Greek Nose
The Greek nose is sometimes referred to as the straight nose. People with curved noses often envy the Greek nose. This type of nose is defined by its remarkably straight bridge so that no protrusion or curvature is seen in the nose bridge. It takes its name from the completely flat noses of ancient Greek statues.

🔹Hawk Nose
Marked by a prominent curve and prominent bridge of the nose. For this reason, it is named the Hawk’s nose, which looks like the curved beak of an eagle or other bird of prey. The hawk nose is also referred to as the beak nose or aquiline nose.

🔹Nubian Nose
This nose shape has a long bridge but with a wide base. The Nubian nose is also called the wide nose. This nose shape is often seen in African races.

🔹Roman nose (Aquiline nose)
The nose of the Roman shape name is known because its shape is similar to the noses found in most ancient Roman sculptures. The Roman nose with a prominent bridge. The bridge of the nose often has a slight bend or curve.

🔹Celestial Nose
A celestial or turned-up nose is exactly what you expect features a small size, a dent at the nose bridge, and a protruding tip. About 13% of people have a celestial or turned-up nose.

🔹Snub Nose
This nose shape has a narrow and sharp appearance. Other features of this nose are smaller, rounder from side, and having a slight slope at the tip. This nose is softer and rounder than the celestial nose. The celestial nose is slightly more prominent.

🔹Nixon Nose
This name resembles the nose of the 37th President of the United States, Nixon. Nixon’s nose is one of the least shape seen forms of the nose. This prominent nose has a straight bridge, which curves at the end with a wider tip.

🔹East Asian nose
Although its appearance varies from country to country, the East Asian nose is known for its slim, flat shape and shorter tip.